4 thoughts on “Kalgoorlie Desert Race 2018 Saturday Racing Bikes

  1. Can I please find out if you can print this off for me. I would like to give it to my son for a birthday gift.
    He is bike 612 on page 2 of you bike series from Sunday Kalgoorlie Desert race 2018

  2. Hi, how do I go ordering some of these photos?
    Do you print them off and send them to us?
    What sizes are available and prices?
    What is the best way of describing that photos I wish to order?


    1. Hi, Phillipa you can purchase the prints as a digital download or I’m happy to arrange prints delivered to you to be framed. Ill send you a email with pricing (clarkey-84@live.com.au). You can either save the photos and let me know the image numbers (on the file) or just send a copy of the ones you would like.

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